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Offsetting carbon emissions: 'It has proved a minefield'

More and more people are trying to offset their travel emissions - so why isn't it straightforward? We explain the options and how to navigate themHere's the problem: in two months' time I must travel to Malawi in southern Africa to help Gumbi Education, a small, Guardian-led kids' education charity that I chair. There's no Skype option, no railways or boats, and travelling 3,000 miles across Egypt, Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania by bus is not recommended.I've cut my annual holiday flights, I've reduced my work travel, and my carbon footprint is nothing to what it was. But realistically, I must fly the 10,200 miles to and from Lilongwe - and I want to offset my emissions in some way. If done correctly, this should mean that I do less harm overall. Continue reading...
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