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Come on, UK weather forecasters - tell it like it is on climate change | Adam Corner

People have a right to know what's behind their flooding or heatwave. The UK is lagging behind other countriesThey have a national reach that most climate campaigners would die for. They are familiar and respected experts on the science of meteorology. And they have prime-time slots at the end of almost every TV news bulletin, morning, noon and night. But the weather forecasters who guide everything from our clothing choices to our weekend plans seldom - if ever - mention the issue that is increasingly shaping our beloved British weather: climate change.This week, former BBC weatherman Bill Giles broke cover, and called for the BBC and other major broadcasters to overhaul their approach to forecasts, and add in information about the crucial context of climate change to their predictions about the daily weather. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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