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EU aims to boost combined heat and power plants

EU aims to boost combined heat and power plants
BRUSSELS - Europe\'s top energy official has set out initial plans for promoting combined heat and power generation which would oblige EU states to examine and reduce barriers to such cogeneration plants, officials said last week.
The proposals on cogeneration from European energy and transport commissioner Loyala de Palacio to other Commission directorates are part of efforts to help the EU meet its targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto pact. De Palacio\'s spokesman, Gilles Gantelet, said the proposal aimed at creating a framework to promote cogeneration plants where heat demand exists or is foreseen. The main elements include steps to get EU states to analyse the potential for cogeneration and the barriers to such plants. It also includes principles for how national grids and gogeneration producers would work. \"Cogeneration is a highly efficient technique to provide electricity and heat for the European energy market,\" Gantelet said. \"Promotion of cogeneration is a part of the strategy for efficient use of energy and supplementary to the strategy of increase use of renewables (renewable energy sources),\" Gantelet added. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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