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Thousands protest against French nuclear waste

Thousands protest against French nuclear waste
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PARIS - Thousands of people marched in Frances northwest region of Brittany on Saturday, protesting against plans to set up laboratories studying the storage of radioactive waste. Ecological campaigners, students and farmers were among those to turn out in protest against the government project, which aims to study possible locations to bury the waste. Organisers of the Brittany march estimated around 10,000 people took part, while thousands more also marched in the central and western regions of Cantal and Dordogne. The ANDRA national agency for management of radioactive waste has selected 15 possible sites - of which four are in Brittany - which could house the laboratory. "We are completely against the burying of radioactive waste, here or anywhere else," said Alain Rivat, a spokesman for the organisers of the protest. "Once it is underground it will be quickly forgotten and little more will be known about what to do with it in the future," he said. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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